We are strong because we work together as one

Our Mission:

As a football program we strive to develop the mind, body and spirit of our student athletes, to honor the legacy of excellence of those who came before us, and to push forward to the next level with character at the core of all we do.

State Champs!!!

State Champs!!!

Building a Champion - For us to continue to work towards our mission we depend on the support of the Poudre community. We have several opportunities of how you can get involved. Please consider sponsoring and participating if you are able to. We are grateful for your support!


SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2019 - Click below for more information and to register to attend:

Here is an excerpt written of an article about the 1969 team written by our own Tony Phifer c/o The Coloradoan…

“But three months after their humbling defeat against Arapahoe, the Impalas were holding the state championship trophy. That same bunch of undersized and largely unknown boys from Laporte, Wellington and northwest Fort Collins had shocked the Colorado football world, reeling off four improbable consecutive playoff wins and overcoming long odds to do so.

“We were the hicks from up north, and nobody in Denver expected us to do anything,” said Mike McGraw, a junior tight end/linebacker that season. “We were true underdogs – the Rodney Dangerfields of Colorado high school football. We were smaller than every other team, but we had a ton of heart and character. That’s what really made it special.”

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Our Vision

We strive to build the premier football program in Northern Colorado where we are known for developing men of character first and foremost. With this as our focus we will achieve feats on and off the field previously not thought possible.



We Are Family

A team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust and care for each other. We want you to be part of the Poudre Football family and look forward to doing many great things together as a team. 



Josh and Kelly Cortez    You will be missed    #PoudreStrong #66

Josh and Kelly Cortez

You will be missed

#PoudreStrong #66