There is something special about Poudre Football...

I am beginning my 28th year as a football coach for the Impalas, and my 4th year as the head coach, and there is no where else I would rather be than right here as part of the Poudre family.

I felt it the very first time I walked in to Poudre High School almost 3 decades ago and I still feel it today. I don't quite know how to explain the difference between what we have here at Poudre, and the countless other schools I have visited over my lifetime. The difference is not in the cinder blocks that make up our weight room walls, the turf that covers our practice fields or the tackling sleds that we use to get better in practice each day.

The difference is in the people, from the teachers and coaches, many of whom have spent their entire career here at 201 Impala drive, working to make each student and athlete better. Not only better in how they perform in school or a sport, but better as a person. I feel that the Poudre community is truly a family, and once you are part of the family you have a home where you are always welcome. This especially holds true for our football family, where we sweat and bleed together and create a bond that is truly special and lasts forever.

We have many coaches on our staff who have been coaching together here at Poudre for 30+ years, as well as coaches who have been coaching with us for a few years, and together we truly are one big family. For us veteran coaches we are privileged to be coaching the young men of some of the athletes we coached early on in our careers decades ago. The fact that our former student athletes would choose to have us coach their sons is truly an honor. I would like to think that says a lot about what Poudre Football is really about, and why we truly love what we do.

As the head coach of the Impalas, the foundation of success and excellence here has been built over decades, even before my time began coaching here at Poudre. It is my honor to carry on this tradition, and we work to take the program to new heights, and will continue to do so with a relentless passion. I am grateful to the coaches who are now here with me as well as those who have come before me and built Poudre Football into what it is today.

At the core of our program is the genuine way that we care about our student athletes. We feel a great honor and responsibility that the parents of our athletes, and the athletes themselves have chosen to be part of our Poudre Football family. We are excited to get to work with each young man during their four years as part of our program, and we have two goals for each of our athletes. The first goal is that we want to equip and teach each young man to not only have success in the classroom and on the football field, but to teach them valuable lessons about character that will help them to be successful in whatever path they take in life. The second goal is for each one of our athletes to know that we as coaches genuinely love and care for them, regardless of how long they decide to play football, and regardless if they are a top performer on the football field.

I have always said that a sign of a strong high school football program is when you have kids that continue to play as Juniors and Seniors who may not be starters or be the best player, and this is something that at Poudre are always working towards, and over my career at Poudre has been part of our tradition. We want to make the experience of Poudre Football for our athletes something that they want to be part of regardless of playing time. We want our players to feel they are part of a family, an ever expanding family of young men working for a common cause.

There are always the athletes that the football team needs, young men who can do things athletically that an average athlete can't do, and we are confident that we can help these athletes get better both on and of the field as part of our program. We want to help them realize their football and academic goals here at PHS, and in the future as well, if they want to continue to pursue playing football in college. But we also want to focus on the young men who need football more than football needs them. In my experience these are the kids who we often see make life changing strides as part of our program, and in many cases they have gone on to be very successful in life beyond the football field. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention the families of our athletes that we have gotten to know over the years. The moms and dads and brothers and sisters. These families also become part of our football family, I always enjoy looking up in the stands before or after a game, and seeing the parents of the young men we coached in years prior and who have since gone on to college or other pursuits. These families continue to support Poudre Football, often for decades after their son is done playing, and these families have helped us become a better program with this continued support. We know that without them, we as a coaching staff would only be able to do a fraction of the things we are able to do each year. We appreciate the endless support of our football families, and you will always be part of the Poudre Football family.

In closing I want to say thank you. Thank you to my family for all the sacrifices you have made so that I am able to continue to give to Poudre Football. Thank you to my fellow coaches for being like a family, and for all of your hard work and support in making Poudre Football something special. Thank you to our current and former football players for giving your heart, soul and body to your teammates and us coaches. Thank you to the parents who have supported our young men and our program for all these years. This is truly a special place because of all of you.

Some people go their entire lifetime spending each day doing a "job" because they have to pay the bills and take care of their family. I have been blessed to get to do something that I truly love for almost three decades. I look forward to many successful years to come for the Poudre Impalas! 


Coach Marty McVicker